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[ooc] Contact & HMD [Sep. 4th, 2030|10:42 pm]

Plurk acting up? Need to ask me a question about my character, a plot, or anything else?
Need to give me some crit and not comfortable doing so in the game-wide HMD?

Here is the post for you! Just drop me a line here and I'll get back to you as quickly as I'm able.

Anonymous commenting: On
Screened commenting: Off
IP logging: Off

- Stats & Permissions
- Relationship Chart
- Handwaving Information
- Application
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[ relationship chart ] [Apr. 26th, 2025|11:19 am]

[ Last updated August 2017 ]

★ = active dislike or hatred
★★ = mild dislike or mistrust
★★★ = either neutral or willing to get to know more
★★★★ = likes you & considers a friend
★★★★★ = would go to the ends of the earth for you & loves you

Relationship Chart )
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[ooc] Stats & Permissions [Jun. 28th, 2024|06:38 pm]

Name: Korra
Canon: Legend of Korra
Timeline: 3x03 3x12 4x02 4x13
Age/Birthday: 18 21 | birthday unknown
Race/species: Human/Avatar (see abilities)

Relationship status: In a relationship with Asami and has unresolved, ongoing feelings for Mako (neither of whom are in Miracle Country). She's been with others in game in the past, but only ever as casual things.
Family notes: She's an only child and daughter to the chief of the Southern Water Tribe. She grew up in a compound meant to protect her as the Avatar and thus didn't have a normal family life although she does love her parents deeply.

& the rest )
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[ooc] handwaving information [Aug. 9th, 2015|11:57 am]

[Last updated August 2017]

So your character has been in game for long enough now that having them randomly not recognize a character is a little awkward, and you're unsure if it's alright for you to say your character 'knows' mine or not. Short answer: yes, if you want them to then they do!

This post is a general overview of how Korra spends her average day to help you determine whether your character would either:

1) have met her or know her specifically, or
2) have CR with someone else who would have met her or know her specifically and therefore allow for piggy-backing CR.

This is just a general overview way of saying that I am 100% okay with your character already "knowing" Korra and hand-waving that initial 'oh, who are you!' if you would rather just dive in to deeper subjects of threading. Let's be real, Korra is the kind of person to get involved in people's business, so it's definitely likely that she would know your character.

You will know Korra and/or have had at least a conversation with her if...
- You know Asami or Mako. [castmate CR]
- You know Aramis, Victor, Sakura, or Lucifer. [closest game CR]
- You have ever gone into the forests on a frequent basis.
- You have ever visited the sports island.
- You have ever seen Naga, her polar bear dog, wandering around and interacted with her.

more details beneath the cut )
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[closed] [Nov. 2nd, 2014|01:26 pm]
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Korra's return )
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[ooc] Application [Jun. 28th, 2014|06:19 pm]

Application )
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